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The Story of the Dragon's Back® 
Since the time God put the foundation of the world in motion, the oceans have been a force man has tried to befriend. Harnessing the power of the wind or exploring the depths has fascinated men throughout history. Men have created machines that float city's of vacationer to other countries. While others have created giant flotilla's of war on steel hulls so enormous it seems unimaginable. 

But yet when you look closer, between the large and giant creations there's a man that sees life a little differently. A man that takes on the ocean on his terms. One that has to learn how to read the currents, the wind and understand the conditions so well because if he doesn't, he will die. 
No matter what your view is of this man, know this...if you've never lived a life style that everything you do depends on your survival you'll never understand him. No words can explain him, and no words can call him back. He will return when it's time. 

Paddling into the surf and waiting for this force to emerge is like sitting on the Dragon’s Back®, peaceful and resting, watching as the back of a dragon rises from the depths. 

The excitement of watching a wave develop – the color, the reflection of light, the swell and the many other factors at play – we become tasked with learning our surroundings, evolving, understanding.

Riding the wave or ridges of the Dragon’s Back® challenges the rider’s skill, strength and stamina while meeting the forces of nature head on.​

It is from the warm waters of Florida’s surf that the Dragon’s Back® emerged.​

Whether your adventure lies in the surf, on a snowy slope, or an extreme mountain trail, the Dragon’s Back® will rise to challenge your skills and abilities.
He takes on these conditions, paddling on a board no bigger than himself. That man is called a surfer.

He works and plays in an environment that doesn't want him. Nothing in that water will sustain life for him. If the salt doesn't deteriorate his body, other extreme conditions will. If the predators don't tear him into pieces, the waves can hold him under where he will never surface. 

What makes a man do this? What makes a man stare at the ocean and wonder about the next time he goes out? 
"Ride the Blue Wave"
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